FERRARI 365 GT/4 BB 1974

Via Marco Classic Car Collection


Towards the end of the Daytona’s production life and under pressure to match Lamborghini’s Miura’s engine configuration layout, Enzo Ferrari finally decided to produce a V12 mid–rear engine sports car for its customers.  After the 365 GT4 BB was shown on the Turin Motor show in 1971 the production of the car began late in 1973. The mid engine lay-out marked the end of the Ferrari’s traditional front engine solution for its top performance models.

The design was by Pininfarina and coachbuilder Sergio Scaglietti assembled all 365 BB’s by hand. Between 1973 and 1976 only 387 units were produced of which 299 left hand drive. (There was no 365 BB with US specification available)

First serial number: 17185

Last serial number: 19445

The engine was a revelation because it was the first flat 12 cylinder for a production car and was derived from the Ferrari 3.0 litre Formula 1 car. Both cylinder banks were flat and opposed to each other at 180 degrees. This was evoked in the name “BB” as for Berlinetta Boxer. Boxer stands for opposed cylinders. The engine was placed longitudinally and the five speed gearbox was fitted underneath.

The flat four-cam 12 cylinder engine ,with four Weber carbs and dual overhead cams,  had the same capacity as the 4.4 liter V12 Daytona and developed 380 hp at 7200 rpm. Acceleration was impressive with 0-100 kmh in 5.4 seconds and the factory claimed a top speed of 302 km/h.

The fully indepent suspension featured double wishbones and coil springs at all four corners and the BB was fitted with perforated disc brakes all around. Drivers found the Ferrari easier to drive fast compared to the Lamborghini Countach.

This car.

This very early Italian delivered Ferrari 365 GT/4 BB from 1974 spent most of its life in the city of Rome and has 52.000 km’s recorded by its previous four owners. When we acquired the car it was in good shape but it deserved to be restored to the highest possible standards. After a bare metal respray the Argento metallic (2.443.048) paintwork is immaculate and in concourse condition. All matte –black details are in a subtle contrast to the “dark silver” body color and gives this car a very stylish appearance.  Doors, trunk lid and engine covers are aluminum to save weight.

The original beige leather interior is in outstanding preserved condition and the “Daytona” bucket seats have contrasting black inserts. Instruments and steering wheel are unmarked and the dashboard is covered with the original “mouse hair” alcantara to avoid reflections in the windscreen. The 365 offers reasonable interior room, considering its low ride height

Also from a technical point of view the car is in a as “new condition”. The 4.4 litre flat V12, which delivers 380 hp, is totally overhauled by one of the best mark specialists. Further work that has recently been carried out: new exhaust, new braking system, new cooling system, rebuilt air-conditioning and more. For 65K invoices available over the last six months.

The car is fitted with the original and reconditioned Campagnolo centre lock wheels and a fresh set of Michelin XWX tires (front 215/70×15 rear 225/70×15). It is also the first road going Ferrari to use a mini spare wheel. The car comes with tools, books, original first delivery Roma license plates and the Italian “Libretto” (history).

Besides the stunning color combination and the outstanding technical and cosmetic condition this is one of the first “hundred” 365 GT4 BB’s ever produced which makes the car even more special and collectable. The lightest, purest and rarest Berlinetta Boxer of the range is highly sought after. For sure this is one of the best in the market.

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COLOUR: Grigio Argento/ Dark Silver

INTERIOR: Beige leather

PRICE: € 398.000,-